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Cobalt New Boat Models

When we are motivated by goals that have profound meaning, by dreams worth realizing, by love and passion that need expressing, then we truly live life. Our Cobalt family believes we have a unique opportunity to enrich life, to help create memories for lifetime, to evoke passion for the boating lifestyle.

We have set high expectations for ourselves. Our aspiration is to design and build the very best boats. Every time we succeed our owners are treated to a tremendously rewarding ownership experience. Each new Cobalt becomes the realization of one of our boat owner’s dreams. It marks the opportunity to create some of their life’s best memories. Our family’s craft becomes their family’s dream boat! It is an awesome responsibility.

Together, as Cobalt associates and Cobalt dealers, we believe in looking inward to benchmark our progress towards our aspiration. We have never aimed to be the biggest boat company, just the best. And if our actions follow our words, which in turn follow our objectives, we will together be good stewards of what Cobalt stands for. We are Cobalt…welcome to our family.



2017 Cobalt R30
2017 Cobalt A28
2017 Cobalt R7
2017 Cobalt R5
2017 Cobalt A25
2017 Cobalt 25SC
2017 Cobalt R3
2017 Cobalt CS3
2017 Cobalt 220S
2017 Cobalt 200S

Ski and Wakeboard Boats

2017 Cobalt R7 WSS Surf
2017 Cobalt R7 WSS
2017 Cobalt 26SD WSS
2017 Cobalt R5 WSS
2017 Cobalt R5 WSS Surf
2017 Cobalt 24SD WSS
2017 Cobalt R3 WSS Surf
2017 Cobalt R3 WSS
2017 Cobalt 220S WSS
2017 Cobalt 200S WSS


2017 Cobalt A40
2017 Cobalt A40 Coupe

Deck Boats

2017 Cobalt 26SD
2017 Cobalt 24SD

Cuddy Cabin

2017 Cobalt R35